The Brazilian Lubricant Market 2021-01


Brazilian Lubricant Market 2021

Brazilian Lubricant Market 2021

Brazilian Lubricant Market 2021 – The first half of 2021 showed an important recovery in the Brazilian lubricants market, with a 24.7% increase in sales volume compared to the previous year. It is a fact that the year 2020 presented some historical distortion, as due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we saw an atypical movement, especially in the month of April, when the market plummeted around 47.1%, compared to the same month in 2019. The market recovery was already showing strength in the second half of 2020, ending the year with a drop of just 1.0%, and this process continued in 2021 with monthly volumes above the historical average, accumulating sales of 736,688 m3.

Regarding the market share of lubricants producing companies in Brazil, Iconic, the result of the merger of Chevron Lubrificantes and Ipiranga Lubrificantes, continues to lead the market, with 18.6%, distancing itself a little further from the second place that it is BR Distribuidora with 16.0%. Following the leaders, appear Moove (Cosan) with 13.8%, Shell with 11.5%, and Petronas completing the list of TOP 5, with 8.6%. Then we see YPF, Energis8, Quaker, Castrol, and Total completing the group of the 10 largest companies, in terms of sales volume.


It is also important to note that this market recovery took place in the midst of a tense and complicated environment, in terms of raw material supply, price increases, and mobility restrictions due to the pandemic. In this context, we had a record sales record in July 2020, which could have been interpreted as a rebound effect in the market, for restocking stocks, after the abrupt fall in April, however, the following months showed strength and the market started the year 2021 with high sales volumes, making the month of March surpass the monthly record obtained in the previous year.

Historic data

The first half of 2021 also presented a volume higher than all previous years in the historical series. Lubes em Foco magazine surveyed its archives and put together a graph to show the behavior of the market over the last 15 years, including the projection for 2021, with some interesting observations.

In terms of application and according to official information from the ANP, the distribution of the lubricant market, in the first half of 2021, shows the segment of motor oils (Diesel and Ottto cycles) as responsible for more than 52% of oils marketed, with the sum of hydraulic and transmission oils accounting for 24.3%. The other segments are shown in the distribution chart by application.

Base Oils: A Big Challenge

The issue of base oils in Brazil deserves a very deep and critical observation because there are several factors that exert considerable pressure on this market, which in recent months has been suffering both from price increases and lack of product.

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