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4 1st Meet the Grease Market South America
Since the withdrawal by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels – ANP of the product registration requirement for industrial oils and lubricating greases, the Brazilian market has been discussing the best way to deal with the new situation, seeking more and more information and knowledge to update producers and consumers in the direction of possible self-regulation.
11 Lubricants for the Food Industry
Lubricants are viscous fluids applied to prevent friction between metal parts. They are used in all types of machines, whether they are car engines, gearboxes or industrial equipment. Proper lubrication reduces wear on parts, avoiding unplanned maintenance, reducing costs and increasing the reliability of the production process.
16 What’s driving your Transmission Fluid?
Despite increasing vehicle electrification, some OEMs still use existing lubricants to cool and protect transmissions and electric motors. Afton Chemical explores whether the demands of the latest hardware and the benefits offered by custom ETF should override the reassurance of familiar fluids.
20 Railway Engines Lubrication
Diesel cycle internal combustion railway engines used in rail transport can be 2T or 4T and are usually equipped with 16 or 20 V cylinders. Some interesting design features of these railway engines are worth mentioning as The exhaust of combustion gases is carried out through exhaust valves present in individual cylinder heads.

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