21 - 25 June, 2021

Lubricants, market, technology and legislation

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The Brazilian lubricants market recovered the large losses of the first half of 2020, closing the year with a slight decrease. The good performance continued at the beginning of 2021, but the pandemic is entering a difficult period, bringing new challenges. The supply of basic items is increasingly critical and imports are skyrocketing. What direction will the market take?
Major changes are taking place globally in the lubricants segment. New additive technologies and extended corporate requirements for sustainability. What's next?
The 11th MEET THE MARKET INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE SOUTH AMERICA 2021 will bring together specialists and scholars from Brazil and abroad to exchange information, listen to orientations, and debate topics of great importance to the market.
The theme of the Meeting will be:

“Market, technology and sustainability - broadening the vision of lubricants”.

This year, only those registered will have the opportunity to participate in the Meeting that has already become a reference in South America. The transmission will be through the Zoom platform, with a special password to enter the virtual room and chat with speakers and participants.
The event is aimed at all those interested in the lubricant production chain, in Brazil and abroad, among executives, technicians, and people related to the commercial sector of producing companies and different groups of suppliers in the sector.

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