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14 - 18 September, 2020

Lubricants, market, technology and legislation

All knowledge of the biggest South American lubricant event
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The world has changed and the expected scenarios have been completely transformed. In this new reality, all sectors of the economy, commerce and industry were impacted and we faced the need to reinvent ourselves.
We need to preserve the health of our employees and participants in the event and also, we consider it of great importance to continue bringing to the market the knowledge and guidance of specialists, so that it is easier to overcome this difficult period.
To bring visions and perspectives on all of this, the MEET THE MARKET INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE SOUTH AMERICA, will be held in virtual format, through the YouTube platform. The theme of the Meeting will be:

“A new normal for a new future”.

We hope to reach an audience well above the 350 participants, which we have had regularly at our event. The recording available on YouTube can also be viewed for an indefinite period of time, with no access limit. The event is aimed at all those interested in the lubricant production chain, in Brazil and abroad, among executives, technicians and people related to the commercial sector of producing companies and different groups of suppliers in the sector.