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4 XII Meet the Market International Conference - South America - 2022
The XII Meet the Market International Conference – South America, promoted by Editora Onze, also publisher of Lubes em Foco Magazine was held on July 6 and 7 at the Windsor Hotel Florida – Rio de Janeiro, for an audience of 352 people. It was the first in-person event of lubricants after the pandemic period and brought to the participants updated technological news and a privileged space for networking in the lubricants market segment.cond half.
10 Test methods for evaluating electrified vehicle fluids
Drivetrain fluids for electrified vehicles (EVs), both hybrid and full electric, have differing requirements from conventional fluids. Traditional performance needs such as oxidation protection, material compatibility, aeration resistance, and wear protection are still important, but new challenges exist in the form of electrical conductivity, heat transfer, high speed durability, compatibility with new and different materials, and battery cooling. Conversely, friction performance – critical to applications employing wet clutches - is now of lesser importance as the range of system operating speeds is now covered by variable speed motors, rather than conventional step gear transmissions. Adding to the complexity of the electrified drivetrain space are the myriad hardware configurations as each drive unit manufacturer seeks their own solution to transmit power to the wheels. There are no “one size fits all” solutions.
16 Fire safety for lubricating oils
Fire safety engineering in Brazil is moving in stride and such an economically important area for our country cannot be left out of this progress. In recent years, driven by large fires, there have been significant changes in the legislation of fire protection of the States, we can highlight the fire at Kiss Nightclub in the city of Santa Maria in Rio Grande do Sul in 2013 and the fire at the Alemoa terminal in Santos in 2016, dentrand others, these events led society to reflect and especially the authorities responsible for the supervision of companies and the updating of technical standards that have led to several improvements.
22 The impact of the EGR aftertreatment system on the sump lubricating oil
With a view to reducing the levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx), compounds to which some respiratory diseases and types of cancer are attributed and present in the exhaust gases of internal combustion engines Diesel Cycle 4T of mobile equipment in the agricultural area and civil construction, in order to meet the requirements of emission control standards demanded by government agencies such as US EPA Tier 3/Tier 4 ( USA ), Stage II/IIIA (European Union) and PROCONVE MAR-1 ( Brazil ), the OEMs have introduced some technical innovations in the projects of the aforementioned equipment.