Lubes em Foco Magazine – Issue 88


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4 ICONIC expands its infrastructure and debuts in the base oil market
One of ICONIC's most important projects, since the beginning of its operation in 2018, has been the consolidation project of its production units in Rio de Janeiro. With the completion of this first phase last year, when the entire transfer process between plants was completed, the Caxias unit began to concentrate all the manufacture and packaging of ICONIC Lubricants, which also has a third production unit in Osasco, focused on the production of greases and coolants.
9 PC-12 moving ahead
The introduction of new emissions regulations in the US are driving significant change to heavy-duty diesel engine and exhaust aftertreatment hardware. This has prompted engine makers to request API for a new heavy-duty diesel engine oil performance category, PC-12, to ensure lubricants continue to deliver sufficient hardware protection. David Brass, Infineum Lead Industry Liaison Advisor, gives an update on PC-12 progress and explores the challenges that can be expected.
16 The Role of Re-Refining in a Sustainable Environment
The role of used oil in the marketplace has evolved over the past several decades, both regionally and globally. New processing technologies combined with ongoing improvements in feedstock quality has created the opportunity for used oil to become the source to produce premium quality base oils. Currently, companies are producing re-refined base oils that align with the requirements for Group I, Group II and most recently Group III qualities. They are now capable of formulating low SAE grade engine oils and marketed as semi- and full synthetic.
24 Analysis of oil in use
The two main causes of equipment failures are operation and maintenance failures. In the universe of maintenance, there are the main types described in this article. The analysis of oils in use is a tool that consists of the periodic collection of lubricant samples and evaluation of its properties in standardized laboratory tests.