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4 The brazilian lubricant market in 2021
The performance of the Brazilian lubricants market in 2021 brought a much larger recovery scenario than expected by most observers, including those more optimistic. Growth was 9.39% when compared to the previous year, which even though it suffered a sharp drop in the second half due to the Covid-19 pandemic, had already shown a strong recovery in the second half.
8 A new generation of lubricants for hybrids
In the automotive industry’s quest for zero-emissions, the pace of vehicle electrification is accelerating and a new class of internal combustion engine technologies with hybrid powertrains is emerging. The authors of this article explore how these ‘electrified ICEs’ (e-ICEs) are increasingly creating a need for lubricants specifically designed to protect hardware, including new aftertreatment systems, and to handle special hybrid operating duty cycles.
15 The Economic and Environmental Significance of Sustainable Lubricants
Despite increasing vehicle electrification, some OEMs still use existing lubricants to cool and protect transmissions and electric motors. Afton Chemical explores whether the demands of the latest hardware and the benefits offered by custom ETF should override the reassurance of familiar fluids.
21 Fire resistant hydraulic fluids
When there is the possibility of a fluid for use in hydraulic systems coming into contact with an ignition source or very hot metal surface of an equipment, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids can be used in these situations. The potential risk of fire from hydraulic fluid leakage exists in applications where hydraulic systems are located near pressure casting, continuous casting, steel lamination, furnaces, forging presses, etc.