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4 ACEA - 2021: Light Services Unprecedented degree of change!
The new ACEA Engine Oil Sequences for Light Services were published, as planned, during the European spring of 2021, and the degree of change is unprecedented. Two categories have been removed to make room for two new categories. The new categories came with additional engine tests on three new performance parameters for the ACEA Sequences, in addition to a new fuel economy test for the ACEA C6.
10 Nano-additives show promise in reducing friction and wear
Nanoparticles, which range from metals and metal oxides to carbon nanomaterials, have started to play an important role as lubricant additives because of their exceptional thermal stability at elevated temperatures. The size of nanoparticles enables them to adhere to and smooth out irregularities in the contact surfaces. Furthermore, their high surface-to-volume ratio facilitates interaction with their environment.
16 The importance of studying the root cause in the analysis of failures
Abnormal wear and tear on mobile and industrial equipment cannot be likened to a rash that tends to disappear over time, making it more logical to resemble a serious disease at an early stage that requires intervention and treatment. The analysis of lubricating oils in use has an excellent potential to assist in the detection of abnormal maintenance conditions, assisting in the identification of the root cause of the problem (eg lubricating oil contaminated by abrasive solid particulate material) and can also be used as an instrument predictive or proactive maintenance (eg active failure in progress).

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