YPF encourages the inclusion of women in manufacturing activities


YPF encourages feminine inclusion

YPF encourages feminine inclusion

YPF encourages feminine inclusion – Better ergonomics and prospects for gender growth are some of the main pillars of YPF, the Argentine oil company with a subsidiary in Brazil, for the development of women within its manufacturing activities. This was the speech given by works engineer Thaimari Marin during her participation in the 37th AIGLP Congress, held in Brazil. Thaimari is Venezuelan and one of the main references in the insertion of women, enhancing the work of women within YPF.

“Respecting uniqueness, creating opportunities, promoting inclusion and valuing female talent. These are important premises for developing a good gender growth perspective within a company,” she said.

Encouraging the debate on inclusion and equal opportunities for men and women, YPF, together with Thaimari, developed a project to transform the company’s plants to create equal conditions for handling and operating the entire industrial process.

Currently, around one percent of the workers at the oil company’s plants are women. The project identified operational processes, movements and manual tasks that generate inequality among female workers.

With this in mind, the company decided to create new facilities capable of generating greater equity and gender equality in the company’s production process, encouraging a more inclusive and harmonious working environment between men and women and increasing the inclusion of women in industrial plants.

“Our concern is to create a work environment that is conducive to both men and women, and consequently increase our productivity. We understand that a plant that provides equality for both genders can often increase our level of production,” says Marin.

Project being put into practice

The unit located in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, was the first to receive the new adjustments. New uniforms have been defined for the current women, new designs and structures that enhance women’s work, with new machines, tools and technologies that allow both men and women to operate them, simple structures such as changing rooms and spaces for breastfeeding and the generation of a greater incentive for female participation.

“With these changes and the pillar of equality being increasingly raised within YPF, we predict a 40% advance in gender equality within the company. The project is expanding to all our units,” Thaimari concludes.

About YPF Brasil

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