Brazilian Lubricants Market falls in the 1st. quarter of 2024


Brazilian Lubricants Market falls

Brazilian Lubricants Market falls

Brazilian lubricants market falls – The Brazilian lubricants market closed the first quarter of 2024 with a volume of 304,397 m3, below the same period last year by 7.5%. This drop was mainly due to the performance of March, which did not show the same vigor as previous years, despite representing an increase of 8.9% over February. The news was due to Moove/Cosan , which took the sales leadership in the quarter, with 18.66% market share.

In the sales ranking, they are followed by Iconic (18.05%), Vibra (16.78%, Raízen (11.75%), Petronas (9.12%), Castrol (1.76%), Lwart (1. 54%), Nortlub (1.53%), YPF (1.51%), Teclub (1.40%), followed by other companies with 17.9%.

Brazilian Lubricants MarketImports of base oils in the 1st quarter of 2024 reached 251,661 m3, meaning an increase of 65% compared to the same period in 2023.

The re-refining industry placed around 97 thousand cubic meters of base oils on the market, with 33,630 m3 of group II produced by Lwart, which maintains the leadership of the segment with a share of 41.4%, followed by Proluminas with 13.1% , Lubrasil (10.4%), Petrolub (9.1%), Fenix (6.6%), Nortlub (5.7%) among others.