ANP seeks to improve the quality of market statistics data


quality of market statistics dataQuality of market statistics data

Quality of market statistics data – At a workshop organized by the National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP), led by the Distribution and Logistics Superintendence (SDL), the agency presented a new table of products to be reported by regulated agents in the lubricants sector and the information procedures for the SIMP system. The main idea is to obtain better statistics on what is being marketed, seeking to rationalize the information and avoid doubts and rework on the part of both the agents and the ANP itself.

Director Daniel Maia opened the meeting by stressing the importance of this joint procedure between areas of the ANP, considering the lubricants segment to be a mature and serious market, with more than 96% compliance of its products and listing the various programs already implemented by the ANP with the collaboration of companies in the market. He also pointed out that, despite this, the agency needs to continue to pay attention to maintaining this quality, by improving the information it obtains from regulated agents and disseminating it.

It was also mentioned that, when analyzing the production of lubricants in third-party factories, the ANP found a series of irregularities that have already led to some companies being punished.

The current T-102 table includes around 190 products related to lubricating oils and greases, and the proposal is to reduce this number to something like 40 product codes, by grouping together many products that are similar, such as base oils from various sources, but which all belong to the same API group, i.e. groups I, II and III.

The timetable for implementing the new table makes the new table available to regulated agents from May this year so that they can make the necessary adaptations to their information systems.

The new table should be used from October/2024, when companies will have already carried out transactions using the new codes.

From the time the SIMP-ANP for 10/2024 is sent out in November of this year, regulated agents, mainly producers, foreign trade agents, re-refiners and collectors, will already be reporting their operations using the new codes.

According to SDL’s Superintendent, Diogo Valério, the workshop received more than 300 people at one point, showing the market’s interest and the ANP’s willingness to improve its processes. “The aim of this workshop is our desire to improve and better meet the demands of regulated agents with quality statistics and a reduction in rework, avoiding problems with the environmental area, bringing security and efficiency to the market and Brazilian society,” said Diogo.

At the end of the presentations, many of the agents’ questions were answered.

The full recording of the workshop is available on the ANP’s YouTube channel and can be watched at