Resumption of vehicle production is celebrated by Anfavea


Resumption of vehicle production
Resumption of vehicle production

Resumption of vehicle production The lower number of working days in February did not prevent a higher volume of vehicles from leaving the assembly lines than in January.
Production in the month of Carnival was around 189.7 thousand units, including cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses, 24.3% more than in the previous month (152.6 thousand) and 17.4% higher than in February 2023 (161.5 thousand).
According to a balance sheet released by Anfavea on Thursday (7), the three main indicators of the sector were positive in February. In addition to production, domestic sales and exports also evolved, said the president of the entity, Márcio de Lima Leite.
The executive recalled that there was an aftermath of collective vacations in January, but said that even so, it is not common for February to be better than the first month of the year.
In the twomonth period, production accumulated an increase of 8.9%, with a total of 342.2 thousand vehicles in the first two months of this year compared to 314.2 thousand in the same period last year.
In Lima Leites assessment, this is the most important result for the industry. After a few months of consistent growth in the domestic market, production is finally starting to climb important steps of consolidation,” celebrated the executive, who also highlighted the R$ 66 billion in investments announced by the automakers this year.
Retail sales had already started 2024 on the rise, with an expansion of 19.8% in the twomonth period, but the same did not occur with production, which not only had a negative performance in January but also ended 2023 with a lower volume than in 2022.
In addition to the better performance of the domestic market, exports also grew in February. On January, the increase reached a significant 63%, with 30.7 thousand shipments.