Lubricant meetings in São Paulo open new paths


Lubricant meetings in São PauloLubricant meetings in São Paulo

The 3rd Meeting with the Grease Market and the 1st Meeting with the Industrial Oils Market, at the Milenium Convention Center, in São Paulo, on the 24th and 25th of October, opened new paths for other conferences in the area of lubricants, with several suggestions from the audience present. Around 237 participants were able to attend 20 lectures, including a market panel and a stand area, where business and networking could be carried out.

Editora Onze, producer of the Lubes em Foco and Portallubes reviews, received very positive feedback from participants, with several suggestions for themes for the next editions, sent via electronic evaluation sent to registered emails. The organization is already thinking about expanding the approach for next year.

The opening of work with the already traditional grease market panel brought relevant and well-updated information on important issues such as the import of lithium derivatives, the NCM classification for grease imports, market numbers and the challenges of SIMP information from ANP and trends in the Brazilian grease market.

Technological innovations in additives with a focus on energy efficiency and a broad approach to sustainability were the main topics brought up by sector experts. Lectures on special polymers increasing efficiency, sodium sulfonate, molybdenum disulfide, protection against micropitting joined specialized information on synthetic bases, vegetable esters and formulations focused on metalworking, hydraulic systems and rubber manufacturing, ending with oil reconditioning via nanofiltration.

High viscosity base oils for grease manufacturing, a new thickener for lithium greases, opportunities for polyurea greases, nano technology for biogreases and relevant information on plastic packaging for greases formed the basis for understanding correct grease application in the useful life of the bearings.

According to the directors of Editora Onze, the support of sponsors and exhibitors was essential for the events to take place, along with the companies that provided their high-level speakers.

A complete article about the events will be published in the next edition of Lubes em Foco magazine, which should provide more details about the presentations and the exhibition area.

The holding of new industrial greases and oils events for the year 2024 has already been confirmed, and Editora Onze is already starting to listen to interested parties to prepare an agenda that fully meets the needs and expectations of the sector. Suggestions can be sent by email to