Inspection seizes 4424 liters of irregular lubricating oil in Goiás

Irregular lubricating oil
Joint Inspection ANP and Procon – SSP-GO in Goianira

Irregular lubricating oil

Irregular lubricating oil – Almost 4500 liters of lubricating oil for vehicles were seized on Monday, May 22, during a joint operation carried out by inspectors from Procon Goiás, the National Petroleum Agency and the State Police Station for Repression of Crimes Against Consumers (Decon). The product was stored in boxes inside a reseller located in the municipality of Goianira, metropolitan region of Goiânia.

The oil was irregular because it did not have an active registration with the ANP, which goes against Resolution 804 of the agency. Agency inspectors collected samples of the seized product to analyze the material in the laboratory and carry out quality tests.

In addition to the apprehension, the establishment was fined by Procon Goiás, based on two articles of the Consumer Protection Code: Article 18, which deals with the sale of products that are inappropriate for use and consumption, and Article 39, which prohibits placing products sale outside the rules issued by the competent official bodies. The owner of the reseller has a period of 20 days to present a defense.

It is worth mentioning that the use of unregistered lubricating oils can cause damage to vehicles, shorten their useful life and damage important engine parts. It is important for consumers to observe, at the time of purchase, whether the lubricant is registered with the ANP, which appears on the packaging label, and indicates product safety and quality.