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Delivery Express

Presented to the market in 2017, when VolksWagen Trucks and Buses unveiled its new line of delivery trucks, the VW Delivery Express arrived to occupy the range of 3 to 3.5 tons where the automaker did not have, at that moment, any representative. The presentation created great expectations in the market but the new model only reached the distribution network in May 2018, achieving 1,300 plates in its first year of life.

Last year, Delivery Express showed its strength to annoy rivals in the market by selling almost 3,500 units in a total market estimated at 14,300 units in 2019. This is a 167% growth over the previous year, enabling VWCO to increase of its participation in the segment from 11% to 24.4%.

“DLX (as the manufacturer now calls Delivery Express) demonstrated that it came to conquer the leadership, with immediate acceptance from our customers”, evaluates in a note Roberto Cortes, president and CEO of VWCO. “We know that we can go even further, since our product has attributes that make it the best option for the most diverse types of business.”

Just category B license

The vocation for the urban distribution of Delivery Express associated with its robustness is the main bet of Volkswagen trucks and buses to conquer the market. The model brings concepts of automobile handling, seen in the internal appearance and in the suspension, of the independent type in the front. It also allows circulation in restricted areas for trucks in cities. For having driven simple, it pays tolls as a car, in addition to requiring only a B driver’s license.

The power train consists of a Cummins ISF 2.8 engine with 150 hp at 3,500 rpm and 360 Nm (36.7 kgfm) torque from 1,400 to 2,800 rpm associated with a six-speed Eaton manual transmission. The engine also has gas recirculation technology, which dispenses with the use of the Arla 32 in fueling.

For the light commercial, the automaker also offers a factory implement, the result of a partnership with Randon. The carrier can choose between dry cargo or trunk.