Fraud in Lubricants and Fuels: The Alert from the Legal Fuel Institute


Legal Fuel Institute Alert on Fraud in Lubricants

Fraud in Lubricants and Fuels – Concern over fraud in lubricants is evident, however, the Legal Fuel Institute (ICL) highlights an equally serious issue, often overlooked: the marketing of counterfeit, cloned, and even reused lubricants presented as high-quality products.

Emerson Kapaz, president of the ICL, emphasizes the alarming frequency and magnitude of frauds in the lubricant market. These practices not only harm consumers but also compromise vehicle safety and efficiency, in addition to causing significant environmental damage.

Operational frauds, cargo theft, and product adulteration are among the main areas of concern identified by the ICL. Reprocessing of burnt oil is one of the most concerning practices, where unscrupulous workshops recover used oil to resell it as a high-quality product.

Data from the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas, and Biofuels (ANP)’s Lubricant Monitoring Program reveal that, of 395 samples evaluated, 10.9% had at least one parameter out of compliance, highlighting the extent of the problem. Additionally, the ANP seized 137,984 liters of irregular lubricants in the first half of 2023, and in 2022, 568 thousand liters were seized.

Among the main fraudulent practices identified are: manufacturing without environmental authorization, adulteration by mixers, piracy and brand counterfeiting, and irregular operations of used lubricant oil refineries.

Given this context, the ICL emphasizes the importance of consumer vigilance when purchasing lubricants, suggesting verifying their origin and buying from authorized establishments. The director of the ICL, Carlo Faccio, warns of the risks of using lubricants of dubious origin, emphasizing the potential threat to vehicle safety.

If any irregularities are observed, consumers are encouraged to report them to the ANP through the toll-free telephone number 0800 970 0267 or via the contact form on the official ANP website.