Choosing the Right Grease and Its Impact on Bearing Energy Efficiency


Lubes em Foco Magazine – issue 90

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Bearing Energy Efficiency

Bearing Energy Efficiency – Choosing the right lubricant can make all the difference in the reliability and wear and tear prevention of your machines. This is the fundamental role of a lubricant, which we have currently observed and which is becoming more and more necessary to go beyond the ordinary. We need to think that modern lubricants should also play a role in improving the energy efficiency of machines. Efficiency improvements are always positive in an industrial environment, but the consequences in this case can also be linked to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. According to the IEA (International Energy Agency), the industrial sector in 2022 was directly responsible for the emission of a quarter of global CO2 emissions. However, progress is still proceeding at a slow pace.
For lubricating greases, the focus of improving energy efficiency is on the application where, mostly, this type of lubricant is used, which are rolling element bearings. The trend is to reduce the energy consumption of the bearing, as measured by the torque required to turn this bearing.