Police arrested two men for counterfeiting automotive lubricating oils in SP

Clandestine factory in Guarulhos had barrels with the brand of a leading company in the market, which denies being the owner of the lots

Counterfeiting automotive lubricating oils
Drums with clandestine oil manufactured in Guarulhos REPRODUCTION/RECORD TV

Counterfeiting automotive lubricating oils

Civilian police officers from the Deic (State Department of Criminal Investigations) arrested two men in flagrante delicto who were carrying out a clandestine operation for bottling petroleum-derived lubricating oils.

The action took place on Monday, July 10, at an industry located in Guarulhos, in Greater São Paulo.

The agents caught the scheme in a shed located on Avenida Monteiro, in the Cumbica region. At the site, 33 drums containing lubricating oil with the brand of a leading company in the market were found. However, the industry did not recognize these batches as being from its production.