Event will have debate on the Brazilian lubricants market


Debate on the lubricants market

Debate on the lubricants market

Debate on the lubricants market – The XIII Meet the Market International Conference – South America Conference, which will be held by Editora Onze on June 20 and 21, 2023, at the Windsor Florida Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, will present two panels of great importance for a better understanding of the Brazilian market of lubricants. One of the panels will show the vision of lubricants producers and the other will deal with the base oils market in Brazil. The presence of great personalities of the sector has already been confirmed.

The producers’ vision will be the subject of a panel that will include representatives from the Brazilian Petroleum Institute – IBP, and the Association of Lubricant Producers and Importers – SIMEPETRO, in addition to specialists in the segment. This panel will discuss topics of great interest to the market and the perspectives and challenges for its main agents.

Brazil, as a major importer of base oils and also an important producer, presents peculiarities and interesting challenges that need to be well understood by everyone in the market. Producers and importers will sit together in the second panel to discuss the main points related to this market and shed light on the entire process involving base oils in Brazil.

According to the organizers, the XIII Meet the Market International Conference already has its exhibition area completely sold out and already has a large number of registrations from participants from several countries. The direction informs that there are still vacancies, however, there is the possibility of the inscriptions being interrupted before the foreseen period, due to the great anticipated demand.

Entries can be made through the event website at https://portallubes.com.br/2023-encontro-inscricao-pt/ and contacts can be made by calling 21-2433-6043 talking to Ms. Shirley.