The importance of motorcycle oils in a growing market


motorcycle oils

Motorcycles oils

Motorcycles Oils – A survey by the National Federation of Motor Vehicle Distribution (Fenabrave) indicates that the Brazilian motorcycle market is booming. According to the study, sales of motorcycles in Brazil totaled 1,229,987 units between January and November 2022, up 17.71% over the same period in 2021. And for that, it is important to reinforce to drivers the duty to look Carefully maintain engine oil.

For Fabio Araujo, business manager for motor oil in Latin America at Lubrizol, a supplier of technology for lubricants for the transport, industry and consumer markets, “it is vital that consumers choose lubricating oils suitable for motorcycles, instead of using oils produced for car engines, something very common. The use of the inappropriate product can harm the functioning of the motorcycle in the medium and long term”.

A passenger car engine uses a coolant to cool the engine and has a larger oil sump when compared to a motorcycle engine. Motorcycle engines are typically air-cooled and have smaller crankcases.

Fabio explains that “motorcycles use the same oil to lubricate the engine, clutch and gearbox, as a single and complex system. As passenger car engine oil is not developed with a focus on gear lubrication and protection, just the engine, it does not contain the proper technology to protect gears”.

As a result, according to him, “when used in motorcycles, the oil developed for cars does not sufficiently protect the vehicle’s transmission box, which can cause wear on the gears and increase engine noise. Also, a passenger car engine lubricant usually contains higher amounts of friction modifiers, which are additives used in lubricants to decrease the amount of friction between the two lubricated surfaces, which on a motorcycle can lead to wheel slippage. clutch, resulting in poor steering feel and loss of power.”

Gear problems are among the top reasons given by motorcyclists for having their motorcycle serviced, all of which can be linked to poor or improper lubrication.

What is the importance of using the correct engine oil?

According to Marcus Vercelino, relationship manager with automakers at Lubrizol, there are still many people who, because they are not aware of the risks of using inappropriate lubricating oil, reduce the useful life of the motorcycle, which can be easily avoided by using the recommended products. .

The set of gears rotate at high speed and in constant contact, creating conditions of high pressure and temperatures, so the oil needs not only to protect against the wear of the parts that are in constant friction, but also to cool them.

Also according to him, the specific oils for motorcycles protect the vehicle’s gears, under the most severe operating conditions, increasing durability and reducing expenses with maintenance and unscheduled stops. At the same time, they prevent clutch slippage and maintain fuel economy. “It is worth noting, however, that to ensure correct use, it is also recommended to always follow the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines and monitor consumption and efficiency rates regularly”, he adds.

Motorcycle lubricants are developed with technology to optimize efficiency, engine, gear and catalytic converter durability. And the market continues to move towards lower viscosity, fuel efficient lubricants. “Our advice is that, with so many technological advances and such precise engineering, motorcyclists stop using passenger car oils”, he concludes.