I Meet the Grease Market Conference expands debate and knowledge


Grease Market

Grease Market

The I Meet the Lubricant Grease Market International Conference will be held on October 20th and 21st and is already receiving a large number of atendees, both from Brazil and abroad. National and international speakers will present on these two days the aspects of market, technology, manufacturing and sustainability with a focus on the grease segment.

The event’s agenda includes international lectures, such as technology in the production of biogrease and Polyurea greases, also addressing the issue of sustainability in the manufacture of greases.

At the local level, we will have a deeper vision of the Brazilian market, as well as technical information about high-performance greases, the use of natural proteins and the impacts of new technologies in the manufacture of greases.

According to the organizers of the event, those interested should make their registration directly on Portal Lubes, at: https://portallubes.com.br/2021-graxas-inscricao-en/

After registering on the portal, the participant will receive an email directly from the Zoom platform, to register in the event room and then receive the final link to watch the event.

The direction of the event alerts participants to pay attention to the email they will receive from Zoom and which will bring the link saying “click here to join”. By clicking on this link, you will be taken to the event room.

Doubts or questions about the 1st Grease Meeting can be directed by email to Shirley@editoraonze.com.br, or directly over the phone  +55 21 99793-6913