Lubricant quality will be highlighted at the Meet the Market International Conference


Lubricant quality

Lubricant quality

The quality of lubricants in the Brazilian market has been the focus of ANP’s attention for many years, and also a constant theme on the agendas of technical forums. The Agency is soon preparing an important review of the Lubricant Monitoring Program and has already anticipated some relevant points, with the launch on June 9 of the Dynamic Lubricant Quality Panel.

Quality of Lubricants in the Meet the Market International Conference

Felipe Feitosa de Oliveira – CPT / ANP

The quality of lubricants will be highlighted at the 11th Meeting with the Market – South America, with the participation of Felipe Feitosa, Coordinator of the Coordination of Oil, Lubricants and Special Products of the Center for Research and Technological Analysis (CPT) of the ANP, who will bring the latest agency guidelines on the subject.

Since taking up his current position at the ANP, Felipe has been available to listen to the demands of the market, holding meetings, seminars, and participating in forums, with a view to providing the Agency with subsidies to implement a regulatory line that meets the needs of consumers, which is also suitable for the productive sector, without losing the necessary austerity.

The panel launched by the ANP consolidates lubricant monitoring information and enables the visualization of its data in an unprecedented way. It is an analysis tool aimed at companies, government agencies, universities, the press, and society as a whole, in addition to being in line with the transparency policy adopted by the ANP.

Among the available data are national quality indices and data on the samples analyzed, among others. It is possible to apply filters such as the date of manufacture of the analyzed product, the company responsible for the production, trademark, and registration number of the products.

The consumer sees products that do not meet the required quality

The tool also provides a list of all lubricants registered by the ANP, so that consumers can consult authorized products before purchasing them, as well as general information sections on the subject and frequently asked questions and answers.

The data will be updated as the analyzed sample results are completed and entered into the database.

Bimonthly, the ANP also publishes the PML Bulletins, where all products with non-conformities can be identified ( /lubricant-monitoring-bulletin).

Access the Dynamic Lubricant Quality Panel: -of-lubricants.

Also, check out the Fuel Quality Monitoring Program (PMQC) ( quality-dos-combustiveis) and the PMQC Dynamic Panel ( ).