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Especificaciones del diésel verde
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Green diesel specifications

Green diesel specifications – The ANP Collegiate Board approved on 5/13/2021 the resolution that deals with the specification of green diesel, a new biofuel to be sold in the national territory. It is a renewable fuel for combustion engines of diesel cycle, produced from renewable raw materials, such as vegetable and animal fats, sugar cane, ethanol and other biomasses.

The publication of the resolution is the result of the ANP carrying out an analysis of the regulatory impact brought about by the insertion of this new biofuel in the Brazilian market, as well as studies of international specifications. During the Public Consultation phase, the ANP received 242 suggestions and comments regarding the original draft. The Public Hearing took place virtually on September 17, 2020 and was of a historical nature, with approximately eight hours in duration and considerable social participation, which shows the significant complexity and relevance of the topic.

The approved regulation is in line with the National Biofuels Policy (RenovaBio), which Law 13,576, of 12/26/2017, aims at expanding the use of biofuels in the Brazilian energy matrix, with a view to energy security, predictability for the competitive participation of the various biofuels in the national market and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, although there is still no national production, the publication allows Brazil to be part of the list of international producers of advanced fuels, such as the USA, Italy, Finland, Singapore, Sweden, Spain, China and France. In Brazil, the regulation of green diesel may also make feasible the production and commercialization of aviation biokerosene, already regulated by ANP Resolution No. 778, of 2019, since the production of biofuels in the context of biorefineries generates different bioproducts in the same process.

The publication of the specification is the first step in the introduction of green diesel in Brazil.

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