ANP carries out supply inspection operations in six states


Supply inspection

Supply inspection has major operations

Supply inspection – The ANP carried out, this week (7-11/6), six major inspection operations, in the Federal District and in the States of Goiás, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. See below for more information.

Twenty-six economic agents inspected in Goiás

From 6/7 to 6/11, the ANP carried out inspections at 20 dealer stations in the cities of Cidade Ocidental and Luziânia, as well as at six fuel distributors in Senador Canedo, in the State of Goiás.

During the operation, 91 quality tests were carried out in the field on the products sold and 329 supply nozzles were checked in relation to quantity. A station located in the Parque Industrial Mingone neighborhood, in Luziânia, was fined and had an ordinary gasoline filling nozzle banned for supplying less fuel than indicated on the metering pump panel.

Another three stations, two in Luziânia and one in Cidade Ocidental, were also fined for not keeping all the equipment necessary to carry out quality tests on fuels when requested by the consumer.

Gasoline samples were also collected for more detailed quality analysis at the ANP laboratory in Brasília (Center for Research and Technological Analysis – CPT).

Supply inspection within RJ

Between June 7 and 11, ANP inspectors were in the municipalities of Sapucaia, Carmo, Cambuci, Itaocara and Santo Antônio de Pádua, in the interior of the State of Rio de Janeiro, and in Além Paraíba, in Minas Gerais, on the border with RJ . 16 gas stations were inspected in this region.

72 quality tests were carried out in the fields and fuel samples were collected for analysis in a laboratory accredited by the ANP. One station in Sapucaia and another in Carmo had their common hydrated ethanol tanks and spouts banned due to quality problems (alcoholic content out of specification). Two other service stations in the municipality of Itaocara were banned from two supply outlets for supplying less fuel than indicated on the pump panel.

Inspections with Procons in the South Region

Also from 6/7 to 6/11, the ANP carried out joint actions with the Municipal Procons of the cities of Mafra, São Bento do Sul and São José, in Santa Catarina, and Santo Ângelo, in Rio Grande do Sul. , 35 gas stations, three LPG (cooking gas) dealers and one carrier-dealer-retail (TRR).

There was an interdiction of the supply nozzle for supplying less fuel than indicated on the pump panel, in the city of Santo Ângelo/RS. In the operation, there were also three fines at service stations – two for establishments not being open within the mandatory hours determined by the ANP and one for lack of fuel quality analysis instruments – and one for LPG resale for selling branded cylinders (trademark) different from the authorized one.

Action with the Civil Police in DF

Teams from the ANP and the Civil Police of the Federal District (29th DP) carried out a joint operation on 6/9 to combat the unauthorized trade of LPG (cooking gas) in Riacho Fundo, in the Federal District. Two LPG resale points that were not authorized to operate were caught and interdicted.

The joint action resulted in the seizure of 28 containers of 13kg of LPG, sent to a regularly authorized company, which will keep the products until the conclusion of the administrative process at the ANP and the final decision on the destination of these products.

The Civil Police opened police inquiries to deepen the investigations, to gather new elements of information about the promoters of the illegal practice.

Ten inspected posts in Minas Gerais

On June 7 and 8, the ANP inspected ten retail stations in the cities of Belo Vale, Moeda, Itabirito and Contagem, in Minas Gerais. 40 fuel nozzles were measured and 35 fuel quality analyzes were carried out in the field. There was a nozzle ban, in the city of Belo Vale, for providing less fuel than indicated on the pump panel.

In the operation, the inspectors also carried out three other assessments, due to a price panel in disagreement with the legislation, lack of quality analysis instruments and lack of a measuring bucket to carry out the volume test.

Establishments fined/barred by the ANP are subject to fines ranging from R$20,000 to R$5 million, as provided for by law. Sanctions are applied only after administrative proceedings, during which the economic agent is entitled to full defense. Complaints about irregularities in the fuel market can be sent to the ‘Contact Us’ ( or toll free by calling 0800 970 0267.