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The magazine

LUBES EM FOCO was created based on the vast professional experience of specialists in the lubricants and lubrication sector, who, after years of work in several companies in the
lubricant segment gathered their efforts to listen to market needs and return to it, with relevant information.
We live in an extremely active moment, with technological renewal in all fields and increasingly stringent environmental legislation. This publication aims to provide complete information about the world of lubricants.


The magazine is aimed at:
– Professionals linked to the maintenance and lubrication sector;
– Producers and Distributors of petroleum products;
– Manufacturers of additives;
– Industry in general and industrial maintenance areas;
– Maintenance service providers;
– Associations and professional associations Universities and technical courses;

Editorial profile

Lubes em Foco magazine is the most respected and influential vehicle in the Brazilian lubricants sector and has participated as media support at ICIS, New Jersey, United States and Netherland. In this way, the publication became a source of research and information of vital importance for executives and technicians in the sector.

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